BioShock 2 experiences and Games For Windows Live

Published March 24, 2013
  1. Download from Steam.
  2. Run BioShock 2
  3. Steam pops up and tells me "this is a CD code you'll need to enter". Guys, I bought it from Steam. The whole point of CD codes was to stop me from copying the CD ... ah never mind. Enter CD code. Expect BioShock 2 to appear.
  4. BioShock 2 does not appear. What appears instead is an ugly Windows dialogue box telling me to enter my CD code so something called SecureROM can "activate" my copy. This is marketing speak for asking some remote server which may disappear at any point for permission to play the game I legally own.
  5. It activates and launches BioShock2. At which point a big "Games for Windows live" browser appears at the top of the screen. It tells me to create an account, which boots me out of BioShock and into Internet Explorer (not even my default browser). Realise I already have a Microsoft passport thing, let's use that instead. I go back into the game.
  6. Games for Windows live asks me to sign in and accepts my existing details. Then it makes me enter my CD key (AGAIN!).
  7. Games for Windows live tells me there's an update. It won't let me play until it's updated. It runs something and asks me to quit.
  8. I quit and then some install process runs.
  9. Restart game. Windows live asks me to sign in. It hasn't remembered my password, despite being told to.
  10. Windows live tells me there's an update, tells me I can't play until it's updated... deja vu. Download and restart game.
  11. Windows live pops up and asks me to sign in. It has remembered my password this time, but hasn't auto-signed me in like I told it to.
  12. Windows live tells me to wait while it downloads my "profile".
  13. "Games for Windows(R) - LIVE Client has stopped working." BioShock 2 still running, Windows live browser still open inside BioShock.
  14. "There is a new terms of service for Games For Windows Live, you must accept this before I can let you go on any further".
  15. Generic windows live error message, probably because it crashed.
  16. Restart BioShock2. At this point Steam tells me I've "played" 22 minutes.
  17. err?

    Windows Live has remembered a profile called "LissomLawyer33". When I click it it seems to have my email address. I have absolutely zero idea why it's called me LissomLawyer33.

  18. Thanks for that insight.

    Windows Live error message. "You will now be returned to the title screen [yes]"

  19. Do some Googling, remove GFWL from Control Panel => Programs and features (Look under Microsoft)
  20. Download newer GFWL from, despite not having an XBox, nor understanding what this has to do with XBox.
  21. Same problem - starting to consider looking on the Pirate Bay now...
  22. Eventually find a DLL that removes GFWL, from Timeslip.

45 minutes after thinking "I'll play some BioShock 2", I am now playing BioShock 2. I am grateful to Timeslip for using his (or her) free time and considerable skills to create the DLL, but the fact it is necessary for me to use a third party DLL to be able to play the game is mind boggling.

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