It takes shape (pond life #3)

Published June 27, 2020

The pond is now taking shape and starting to look like a pond:

Wildlife pond

We've started to put a few plants in it. The one at the front in the terracotta coloured pot is a Drosera Filiformis I already had which I just put in because I think the grassy type plants look quite nice in ponds. If it works out, we'll repot it into a darker pot, but I don't know if it'll like being so wet.

The others are plants we've bought specifically for the pond. The three groups of three are plants we bought as single plants but have split, hoping they'll fill out and look a little bit more voluminous. You can't really see it in the photo but the one on the left sitting on the surface is probably the one I'm most interested by. This is a red stemmed parrots feather, which sits in deeper areas and seems to rise up to the surface. I think this type of plant will provide most interest for aquatic life.

In terms of the more unusual insect life we've attracted so far, we've seen a few things we think are diving beetles and have had a few dragonflies taking interest in the grassy plants. No sign of any frogs yet, but hopefully once there's a bit more greenery...

We are still undecided on exactly how to edge it, but the pebbles around the top shelf seem to be working so far (though we need more), and we're thinking of slate slabs to cover the edge of the liner.

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