Leaving Blueberry Consultants

Published October 13, 2019

I'm excited to finally put in my notice at my current employer.

It has been a very weird environment for me. Blueberry Consultants is a software development company in Birmingham, with its developers in Russia. For most of my time here I have been the only software developer in the office, which is pretty bizarre at a company that develops software.

Actually, I always used to be embarrassed to tell people that my employer mostly employed remote Russians, because it never seemed like a very professional set up.

I suppose the fact is that I started here when I didn't have much experience and the employment market wasn't very strong, and instead of using the experience and better market conditions to move forward, I became comfortable...

...until I wasn't.

The reason I'm leaving is because of workplace bullying. I put a lot of effort into continuing to work here, but it did not appear to me that this same level of effort was matched by Blueberry.

I don't want to work somewhere that feels like a school playground, or where I am told that "bullying isn't illegal so we can't do anything about it".

So... I am firing my boss.

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