Leaving Blueberry Consultants

Published October 13, 2019

I'm excited to finally put in my notice at my current employer, Blueberry Consultants.

Blueberry has always been an odd environment for me, because I'm a software developer and Blueberry Consultants subcontracts software development to Russia. It meant that I was the only software developer in the office, which wasn't disclosed to me at the interview. I always used to be embarrassed to tell people outside of work that our developers were in Russia, because it never really seemed like a professional set up.

Though, the reason I'm leaving is actually ongoing problems with workplace bullying. Companies with a vague loyalty to professionalism, upon understanding that they have a problem with bullying in their workplace, would issue some form of statement saying that bullying within their workplace is not acceptable, that they are committed to a safe environment, and they would formalise a bullying and harrassment policy if they did not already have one.

Blueberry went in the other direction and said that 1) bullying isn't a big deal unless it's big enough to make the news, and, separately, several months later, 2) "bullying isn't illegal so we can't do anything about it".

It was quite bizarre to experience Blueberry acting like I should consider myself lucky to work there, while I was simultaneously interviewing at other companies who were throwing offers at me. I suppose in retrospect my mistake was not immediately understanding that the fact they subcontract their core business to cheap countries like Russia, for less than UK minimum wage, indicates the value they place on their employees.

I am glad to terminate the relationship.

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