Published January 1, 2021

I'm very pleased that we have released the first public version of Wellburrito.

Wellburrito is more than just a mood tracking app, it's a full wellbeing app focusing on mood and custom metric tracking as well as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) exercises.

Technically, Wellburrito is developed using the Ionic framework. Data is intentionally stored purely locally on the device, i.e. without a server, for the user's privacy. For this we use an SQLite database, which is optionally backed up to Google Drive on a regular schedule. Android does actually take care of restoring the database on app reinstallation through Google Play, as well, if the user has it enabled, via Android's auto-backup feature.

On the mid to long term roadmap is reducing dependency on things beyond our control that aren't really of the quality or flexibility we'd like. For example, we'd like to expand the reminders system such that users can interact directly with reminders. When a medication reminder comes up, we'd like to be able to press a little "Yes, I've taken it" button. When the mood journal reminder comes up, it'd be good if the user could select a mood within the reminder. Those things are currently not possible because the reminders library we're using doesn't support it. Unfortunately, getting the control we need means writing our own library.

Similarly, we'd like charts to better fit with the look and feel and branding of the app, but we've pushed the current charting solution to its boundaries.

There are a few little things like this which seem like relatively small features but require a large amount of work. We've pushed these back to a future version for the moment, in favour of getting something functional in front of users.

In terms of features, we'd also like to implement much deeper analysis. Currently we have superficial analysis and reporting of trends and correlations, but there is a lot more we could do with this. Again, this is a 'version 2' feature.

You can read more about the Wellburrito wellbeing, mood tracking and mindfulness app on the official page.

You can download the Wellburrito wellbeing app on Google Play.

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