Ibanez still make the best necks

Published June 13, 2019

I've been looking for a new guitar. I have two Ibanez guitars and it seems boring to get another one so I ventured out to try a few similar brands. I tried a Schecter Hellraiser (FR), a Jackson Soloist, a Charvel Dinky and a PRS I didn't catch the model name of.

I'll be honest, I was pretty disappointed with them all. The Charvel and PRS I really didn't like the feel of. The Schecter either wasn't set up correctly or the neck had warped as the strings were catching on the lower frets (more so than just a bit of buzz), but even so, it just didn't feel right on the upper frets. The Jackson was OK, but for an £800 guitar, it didn't grab me.

Then I said "hmm, what have you got in the Ibanez range?" and the assistant brought out an RGD61AL, which felt amazing.

I liked that the RGD61AL is a hard-tail, which is surprisingly difficult to find on metal guitars in that price range. I'm not completely set on that particular model, but it looks like I'll be going Ibanez again. The wizard necks are just perfect for my hands.

I currently have an RG1570 which is a phenomenal guitar (probably JEM quality) but it's long overdue a fret dressing. I think after I buy a new one I'll take the RG1570 somewhere to get the frets redone and some better pickups put in it at the same time.

I can also say that the PRS MT15 amp sounds great.

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