npm is terrible

Published August 2, 2017

It's hard for me to believe in the quality of a piece of software that behaves like this:

$ npm install [package]
  npm ERR! Please try running this command again as root/Administrator. 
$ npm install [package]

I'm sure about five years ago npm was a useful and reliable piece of software. Perhaps I remember incorrectly.

I had another tale of npm woe last week when after runing `npm install`, my node_modules/package-name was a symlink to none other than node_modules/package-name. For some reason, downgrading npm to version 3 (from version 5) made it all work properly.

I groaned today when I had to install yarn, yet another package manager, to install something else, but the sooner something sane replaces npm the better.

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Talk is cheap

I'm glad people are finally starting to talk about how terrible NPM is. It was terrible in 2014, too, btw, with all kinds of nondeterminacy, broken builds because someone unpublished their package, and truly horrifically broken version locking -- You know, that basic thing a package manager is supposed to do.

The sooner Yarn or anything else replaces it, the better.

Recently there was that bizarre fork of NodeJS by some petulant children employed by NPM, which was a pretty weird chapter, too. But that's unrelated to the fact that NPM is terrible.

– 21:02:57 20th November 2018

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