Dropbox's marketing could use a bit of work

Published May 24, 2017

I use Dropbox and I like Dropbox. One of my biggest use cases for it is that I have it syncing photos from my phone to my PC. I find this very convenient. I take a photo and a few seconds later the notification of a new file pops up on my PC. Truly, I am living in the future.

I get 2GB of space with my free Dropbox account and that's not enough to simply take photos and forget about them forever. Every so often, I move them out of Dropbox onto a different directory on my hard disk to free up about 1.8GB of that space.

After I do this, I get an email from Dropbox telling me they've noticed I deleted a lot of files, but that I can restore them for the next 30 days. The next day I get an email asking me to upgrade to Dropbox Plus, presumably because they've correctly noticed I am working around the space limitations.

Here's the thing: I like Dropbox and I wish I had more space, but paying £8/month for 1TB is ridiculous on several levels. Firstly, I have no use for 1TB of space. If I'm paying I don't want the impression that I'm wasting 99% of my money, and that is a very literal 99%: I don't really want or need more than 10GB. Drop it down to 80p a month for 10GB and I'd be more interested.

Secondly, if I want to use Dropbox as long term storage then I don't want to have to rent it monthly because there's the implication that when I stop paying it all disappears, which is hardly what you want from long term storage. There should be an option to pay for two or three years up front so you know the price or other terms aren't going to change over that time.

In conclusion, I'm also syncing to Google Drive which gives me 15GB of space (shared with email).

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