Crossword Solver CS

Published July 25, 2016

I have released my very first Android app, Crossword Solver CS. As the name suggests, it's a crossword solver for your phone or tablet. Crossword Solver CS's features are:

  • Crossword/missing letters and anagram solver
  • 350k word list
  • Simple user interface
  • No ads!

Get it on Google Play

Some possibly interesting technical details:

It's written using Ionic, so, yes, it is in fact a webview running HTML and JavaScript. It handles a dictionary of 350k words, and will solve anagrams of any of those words. I had some reservations about the performance and memory usage of storing and computing all of that in JavaScript, but it turns out to be acceptable. The only downside I've found to using Ionic is that support is really limited to Android 4.4+ because that's when the webview browser became competitive; before that and you're into all sorts of annoying layout issues that shouldn't exist. For the moment I've simply limited support to 4.4+ but might revisit it if it gains any traction.

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