Tribes Ascend drama on Reddit

Published August 7, 2013


Not exactly surprising...

It's a real shame, because Tribes (1+2) is such an amazing game. Tribes Ascend (T:A, Hi-Rez's addition) was a bit more like Tribes-lite than proper Tribes, but it still seemed like it could revitalize the series. Hi-Rez (the developer) seemed to squander the opportunity and generally went out of their way to upset the community, not just by implementing a game with some fairly big flaws at higher levels of play and which didn't make much effort to relive the level of detail in its predecessors, but also in their general attitudes and treatment of the community.

They seemed to start turning it around late last year, by which point I'd jumped ship to Planetside anyway and was a bit sceptical, but the (remaining) community was quite hopeful. But no, apparently Hi-Rez couldn't live up to it after all.

It seems strange that Hi-Rez would even want to make r/tribes the official forum - r/tribes pretty much universally hates them, and the Tribes community has historically been of questionable maturity at best. If anything, it seemed to get worse with T:A's focus on trying to attract esportsesportsesports pro types.

Once again, it seems like Tribes is going to spend the next 10 years gathering dust.

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