Recruitment Spam

Published February 13, 2013
Exciting Analyst Programmer Opportunity...

Experience of Project methodologies (RAD, Prince, AGILE etc) and ITIL would be advantageous. Candidates will be willing to learn P4; a proprietary 4th generation language

Exciting... exciting... exciting...

You keep using that word

Free advice to new CS graduates: don't take a role as your first job that uses a "proprietary" programming language nobody has ever heard of. Your main aim is to be acquiring fashionable skills that look good to future employers. P4 is not one such skill - no future employer is going to have any idea what it is, so it will be viewed sceptically at best, and as worthless at worst. This is not something you want on a CV at the expense of more universal skills. Run!

Also, as a general rule, anything that says 'RAD' or 'PRINCE' is best given a wide berth - projects tend to work best when your company's approach to them is to get on and do them.