Published January 24, 2013

Hi-Rez has halved the item prices in Tribes Ascend. I'm amused. For two reasons:

It shows the game is dead. The players have vacated. The hardcore comp community on Reddit is now whining that there are too few players. Yep. Everyone saw that coming, except, from what I recall, the hardcore comp community.

And poor Hi-Rez. They are just now learning that aggressive free to play models aren't very good. If the main motivation behind your F2P model is to *annoy* people into paying money then it's kind of stupid.

Once upon a time we used to buy computer games. And I think it generally worked better than now, where companies try to figure out how to make all of the game free except for the fun bit. It sort of goes like this: we'll give you a bicycle for free, but you have to pay for the wheels. And it's £300 per wheel.