The New Conglomerate are rubbish

Published January 13, 2013

Context: Planetside 2.

It would be nice if occasionally we could win. Just once. I don't know if NC is disadvantaged by the game rules or whether we just somehow attract more terrible players than the other factions. We seem to allow terrible players to get into leadership positions. I am sure other factions have this problem too, but since we're naturally a bit rubbish it hits us hard.

This afternoon we spent 10 minutes doing nothing at the warpgate (leaderspeak: "regrouping"), then a bit later, the same leader had us spend 20 minutes respawning on the uphill road between Zurvan and The Crown. Any idiot can tell you that you can't capture The Crown from Zurvan unless your enemy is asleep. The only reason people listen to them is because they have microphones. There should be some kind of blacklist nomination system in place; "this person is a disastrous leader, don't let them be in charge of anything for the next week".

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