The mp3 player market is rubbish.

A few years ago, if you wanted an mp3 player you were spoilt for choice by people wanting nothing more than to let you give them large sums of money.

I lost my Cowon iAudio player about 6 months ago and have had a few goes at trying to find a replacement, but have given up each time. What I want is:

  1. Ogg and flac support
  2. A reasonable amount of space
  3. A non-intrusive user interface

You'd think this wouldn't be so hard. The final point is probably the killer; most devices now think I want a touchscreen. I am not entirely sure what the logic is behind forcing me to *look* at a device that's supposed to play music and navigate an annoying interface every time I want to do something trivial like change volume or skip a track, which I'm pretty sure isn't what I want *ever*, but especially not when I'm running.

In the end I have settled on a £35 player because there's just nothing else. It might very well be very good (although I doubt it will be as good as my Cowon was. 40 hour battery life!), but I was wanting to spend more for something better.

This must be one of the rare examples of technology where vendors don't give you the option to spend your money.

Talk is cheap

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