Tribes Ascend Survey

Published November 27, 2012

Hi-Rez sent out a survey for all 'VIP' players in Tribes Ascend today.

They've probably realised their player numbers are tanking (hastened, I imagine, by PlanetSide 2's release last week). It's a sensible change of tactic; previously they've only canvassed feedback from serious competitive players, whereas they've sent this one out to everyone who has a VIP (paid) account.

The survey is a bit strange and apparently proposes very big rule changes without explanation of how they'd be incorporated alongside existing rules. One of Ascend's big problems is that it incorporates concepts from previous Tribes titles with no apparent understanding of how Ascend is different and why you can't just bring things in from different games and expect them to work.

The problem is that Ascend basically needs its rules rewriting from the ground up. Fortunately, someone's already written those rules. They're called Tribes 2.

I kind of hope they do implement massive changes just to make Ascend's death a bit less depressing than a gradual fade out over the next 6 months. Despite being better than Vengeance, it seems set for an even shorter lifespan.

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