Planetside 2 Beta Issues (Servers full)

Published November 4, 2012

I received my PlanetSide 2 beta invitation today. The EU server seems to be having capacity problems; it often says "Server full" and then seems to suggest it's put you in a queue. These are lies: the best way to get into the game is to press cancel and then try again. A few times. I hope they sort this out soon.

I'll write more about it soon, but so far I am bemused, baffled and indeed bamboozled by the whole game. I wouldn't know where to start. Initial impressions are mixed; it seems incredible, but it would benefit greatly from having some kind of guide or explanation because I generally have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.

I intend to check it out more, anyway.

Edit (5/11): I'd love to try playing this game but it's always down. 8PM European time, yep, that's a great time to do maintenance! Unimpressed.

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