Falkenbach - Asaland Guitar Pro Tab

Published September 26, 2012


I couldn't find it anywhere online so I worked it out myself. This is in Guitar Pro 6 format so you'll need Guitar Pro 6 installed, which if you don't have already, is a fantastic piece of software (when it works). You'll get get playback that sounds something like this:

As for the transcription quality:
+ The original is really reverby which makes some things hard to hear clearly. I think there are two acoustic guitars but it might be that there's just a quarter-note delay on the lead. I've got it as two anyway.
+ The high synth might be slightly wrong in places... It kind of rolls around and fades in and out a bit. It's hard to make out. The way I have it looks a bit strange on paper, D5 -> Gsus4 -> G, but it keeps the high D note constant, which is the prevailing tone throughout, so it could be right.
+ I'm not a drummer so the drums won't be exact; they aren't too bad though.

If you find it useful or improve it, please let me know!

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