Luminous 0.6.7-1 and 0.6.7-2

Published June 10, 2012

These are very minor bugfix releases. Hopefully they clear up the strange scrollbar behaviour. These will hopefully be the final releases of the 0.6.x tree.

0.7 should condense a lot of the markup and therefore make problems like this less likely in future. The holy grail for the markup will be to (1) keep explicit line numbering out of the markup and (2) to allow the code-box to be horizontally scrollable without the line numbers disappearing out of the viewport. Both of these I consider important, but the way (1) is currently implemented appears incompatible with any nice solution for (2). Reddit has an interesting solution whereby it injects the entire set of line numbers as a single pseudo-element, (as opposed to each line injecting its own number as a ::before pseudo-element, which is how 0.7 does it now) but this probably isn't appropriate for Luminous because it's (probably) impossible to control the start-number, and it also means having '1 2 .. 999' hard coded in the CSS (which obviously means there's an artificial upper limit). But I do love the pseudo-elements and think they're perfect for line numbering, so however we end up doing it, they'll probably be a big part of it.