Luminous 0.6.7 Stable Release

Published April 24, 2012

0.6.7 brings a selection of bug fixes to the CSS scanner, a few improvements to JavaDoc style comment detection, and the ability to start line numbering at arbitrary numbers (thanks to Martin Sikora). Unconstrained HTML output's horizontal overflow has also been addressed and should now scroll.


Bug reports to GitHub

This is likely to be the last relase of the 0.6.x tree and further releases will be numbered 0.7.x.

A few of the legacy leftovers will be shaken up, and the markup made a lot cleaner. This blog is currently using an early 0.7 version (see the previous entry to see a code block). If you want to use 0.7 early, feel free to checkout the branch from GitHub but beware instability.

The way I tend to do this is that the master branch should be stable (unit tests passed before committing) and that I make absolutely no guarantees about any other branch. At some point the stable existing 0.7 functionality will be merged back into master, but until then feel free to check it out but beware things may break. The SASS sanner is new in 0.7 and is definitely broken and likely to be so for a while yet, so don't expose it.