Free private git repositories

Published April 8, 2012

I hadn't realised this until now, but it turns out that Bitbucket offers free private Git repos. I thought Bitbucket was just Mercurial, but evidently not. Free users get unlimited private repositories; the restriction comes in that only 5 developers may access any one repository, which is still very generous.

Most of my code is public on GitHub (who want $7USD per month for 5 private repos), but very occasionally it makes more sense to keep something private.

In related news, it's been fun here with the Easter holiday to be getting back into some real development in my own time. Ironically, since I started getting paid to do it 40 hours a week, the amount of development I've been doing has fallen greatly, and in the evenings it's generally more tempting to boot up TF2 or Tribes Ascend than to start anything particularly mentally taxing. I'd almost forgotten how much fun it is to code on Linux and to do something more interesting than just fiddling with layouts and occasionally hacking a CMS all day.

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