0.6.5 Stable Release

Published October 15, 2011

0.6.5 adds a number of things. In no particular order, the highlights are:

  • a new theme, Kimono, which is based on the more famous Monokai theme;
  • A version checking script;
  • Some small performance optimisations;
  • A 'plain' diff scanner;
  • And a number of language specific fixes in Django, Ruby, Bash, Perl and PHP.

Overall, the languages fixes in 0.6.5 makes Luminous an even better syntax highlighter than it was before and it is recommended that you upgrade. If you rely on diff highlighting, the diff scanner has been split into two. The previous mode (where embedded code was highlighted too) has been moved into 'diff-pretty'; 'diff' is now simply a plain highlighting mode, but it is less likely to be wrong and it's much faster. If you prefer the old behaviour, use 'diff-pretty'.

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