Improvements to site docs

Published May 29, 2011

The documentation on the site has been significantly improved:

We now have a troubleshooting page listing some common errors, and a lot more detail on writing your own scanner, including a brand new overview of the filtering system. Woo.

There is also the documentation map (sitemap/pagelist) which contains a list of what pages are there and their vague hierarchical relationship.

The actual documentation is stored in the Luminous repository on GitHub, so if you so wish, it's easy to contribute corrections and additions. The downside is that it's using a custom markdown variant I wrote, based on the language on the Google Code pages. I think it's a bit neater than Markdown, but even so I may rework it in future to put them in a more universal format. For now though, it is pretty easy to read and the parser is included in the Git distribution under extern/markuplite/markup.php (which is a CLI script).

The basic elements are pretty obvious if you have a quick peruse through what's already there.


`inline code`

  * bullet
  * bullet 2

  # numbered list
  # numbered list 2

Lists are determined by an indent, and they do nest.

[linkhref link text]

  Source code will be highlighted by Luminous

  RAW HTML, will not be touched AT ALL.