0.6.2 Stable Release

Published May 15, 2011

0.6.2. is released. Get it from the download site.

0.6.2 sports three exciting new features: a command line interface, a full-page HTML formatter and language guessing. The full page HTML formatter can be accessed by setting the format option to 'html-full'. The language guessing you will find to be either scarily accurate or totally useless depending on what languages you use, but generally, if you're providing full or at least large source snippets of common languages it will be useful.

Be warned that internally the options API has been reworked and it now has some strict validation so you can't set any configuration settings to nonsensical values. If you try to set something nonsensical, it will throw an exception. Obviously, you should be doing a little integration testing before you upgrade any production machines anyway.

There are also a few language fixes for C, Diff, PHP, Ruby and SQL.

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PS: the site is slow right now because the host is having YET MORE problems with its disk array. Unfortunately there's not a lot I can do about it other than change host.